Why Many Fleet Management Professionals Today Have Specialists Supply Diesel Exhaust Fluid

It takes many skills to manage a fleet effectively, sometimes more than any one person can reasonably be expected to possess. Streamlining the difficult work of fleet management will often produce a number of concrete benefits.

Fleet managers who make good use of certain diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) options and programs, for instance, almost always come out far ahead. A look at some of the reasons for relying on a specialized DEF partner will make it clear that this is an option which is frequently worth exploring.

DEF Presents Significant Challenges to Many Fleet Managers Today

Although DEF is critical to many fleets, it is never an easy substance to handle or to manage. DEF must be delivered in the purest possible form to vehicles that use it in order to keep them compliant with emissions standards.

Unfortunately, DEF can easily break down or become contaminated, and often does when not managed with the greatest of care. Companies that focus solely on DEF and all the associated challenges inevitably end up doing a better job of it than others who do not.

Many Reasons to Consider Seeking Out DEF-Specific Expertise

Fortunately, there are options to explore for just about anyone who is tasked with managing a diesel-powered fleet. Making use of an existing supply program or specialized equipment provided by a DEF-focused partner can enable benefits like improved:

  • Purity. When contaminated or degraded DEF gets introduced into a diesel-powered vehicle, it can contribute to the problem it was originally meant to solve. DEF must remain as pure as possible in order to perform its intended function of breaking down environmentally harmful nitrogen oxides. Businesses that focus consistently on storing, transporting, and supplying top-quality DEF are inevitably better positioned than their clients to avoid all the associated dangers.
  • Cost. Fleet managers who try to keep up with DEF-related matters on their own almost always do so inefficiently. Specialized partners develop processes that keep their costs down and pass these savings on to their customers.

For reasons like these and others, it quite often makes sense to have a dedicated partner see to all of a fleet’s needs when it comes to DEF. Doing so quite often makes a difficult job considerably easier.